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Sound Fundamentals

Sound Fundamentals

Sound Fundamentals for Theatre has become the industry's de facto theatre sound training programme, helping to prepare technical theatre engineers and theatre sound students for careers in live entertainment.

It combines essential theory with practical skills, catering for a wide cross-section of skill levels. Students are typically drawn from the UK's leading drama schools, as well as freelancers and corporate sector technicians.

Orbital's Head of Education, Mike Thacker is supported by a team of other highly experienced educators and industry leading sound designers, operators and engineers, all of which cements an invaluable, practical and hands on educational week.

Over the 4 days, students are also given the opportunity to try out some of the latest audio equipment, with participation from leading brands such as Yamaha Commercial Audio, Shure, d&b audiotechnik, Nexo, Nemesis Audio, Q-Lab and CSC.

Course content includes


  • Theatre fundamentals, key concepts and system elements

  • Audio processing, transmission and digital audio

  • Wired and wireless communication and CCTV workshop

  • Sound design and production engineering for musicals

  • Radio microphone systems and wireless setup

  • Radio microphone fitting

  • Safety and rigging fundamentals

  • Speaker choice and venue calculations

  • Computer systems and controlling the show

  • MIDI and OSC show control

  • Mixing console choice and features

  • Networking and wireless control systems

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