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Sound for Stage Management

Sound for Stage Management

Increasingly Stage Managers in the theatre world are expected to possess skills in multiple areas and are asked to work across departments - often without adequate preparation.

This course is tailored for Stage Management of all levels, touching upon the basic elements of theatre sound that may be required in their current or future job roles. "Sound For Stage Managers" covers the fundamentals of how audio systems work, midi sound effects show control, an understanding of Qlab show audio programming, radio microphone and basic comms equipment techniques.

The aim is to give Stage Managers more confidence in understanding the "black arts" that lie within sound and communications - to empower them to not be fearful of cross-over roles and to enlighten them how best to react when things don't go quite as originally planned!

"Sound For Stage Managers" will bring a higher level of understanding when operating sound for a play, for a Tech ASM covering sound roles on a musical, or the ever-increasing demands of Stage Management, both in the rehearsal room or during a live event.

Course content includes


  • Theatre Sound Fundamentals

  • Audio Concepts and System Elements

  • Audio Processing, transmission and digital audio

  • Sound system setup

  • Production Engineering and Cabling Basics

  • Qlab and Computer playback essentials

  • Wired and Wireless communication systems

  • Basics of radio microphone technology and fitting

The added Plus


  • Post course log-in and membership to the Training Plus Community

  • Networking Events, social meets, opportunities forum

  • Build long-lasting relationships and find new career avenues as they arise

  • Certificates and training records to present to employers

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