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Mixing for Panto and the Festive Season

Mixing for Panto and the Festive Season

Mixing for Panto and the Festive Season is far, far more than just another "this is how a mixing desk works" workshop - Mixing for the Panto's participants are taken through every stage of the process from the rehearsal room to setting up a desk in its base state, including the theory, introduction to why both line-by-line and vocally advanced mixing is so important, and what happens when you don't do it..

Hands-on experience is an essential aspect of the course, which includes opportunities to talk informally and in depth with West End show sound teams.

This course focuses on the practical skills and theory behind best-practice FOH mixing requirements for a busy Christmas show - directly leading to a better sound experience for all.

The students experience all the essential tasks associated with sound operating excellence, from basic mixing theory to working with the latest digital mixing technology.

Course content includes


  • Theatre Sound Fundamentals and panto setup

  • Theatre sound system setup

  • Click track systems and setup

  • SFX programming

  • Midi and OSC show control

  • Qlab programming

  • Console Programming

  • Panto Radio Microphone techniques

  • Script breakdown and console programming

The added Plus


  • Post course log-in and membership to the Training Plus Community

  • Networking Events, social meets, opportunities forum

  • Build long-lasting relationships and find new career avenues as they arise

  • Certificates and training records to present to employers

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