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Micing the Actor

Micing the Actor

Advanced Miniature Microphone techniques.


Ever wondered how Westend Musicals make microphones disappear or multiple radio microphones are maintained backstage?


Whether for musical theatre or vocal reinforcement, miniature microphones are now commonplace across all theatrical genres. The team of sound engineers backstage are as crucial to the smooth running of a production as the FOH engineer.


This course covers radio microphone technology including monitoring systems and also the dark art of radio microphone concealment and fitting and is perfect to enhance your skills or prepare for your first big job opportunity.


Participants will experience setting up radio mic systems and monitoring options before selecting microphone options. Overseen by highly experienced West End Sound Engineers they will learn to colour and fit radio microphones to cast members.

Course content includes

  • History of radio microphone use in theatre

  • RF receiver technology

  • RF Transmitters

  • Microphone capsules

  • Radio spectrum and frequency co-ordination

  • Hardware and software monitoring solutions

  • Microphone concealment and placement

  • Capsule and cable colouring

  • Microphone fitting techniques

The added Plus


  • Post course log-in and membership to the Training Plus Community

  • Networking Events, social meets, opportunities forum

  • Build long-lasting relationships and find new career avenues as they arise

  • Certificates and training records to present to employers

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